Social Media Marketing Strategies for Savvy Fundraising

Social Media Marketing Strategies for Savvy Fundraising

As a veteran marketer, you are accustomed to operating with a marketing plan but does that include a detailed social media strategy? If not, it should. Social media has evolved into an imperative marketing tool for companies of all shapes and sizes, including nonprofits.  This marketing platform is critical for staying connected to your existing donor base while building new sources of revenue. For nonprofits with tight budgets, social media offers one of the most affordable ways to reach a broad audience for only a few dollars a month.

Tip #1  People love great photos!

Visual enticement is everything on social media!  People love great photos. Even better is video. Videos are processed in the brain 60,000 times faster than text and ignite emotion and human connection. According to Webcam, video gets three times the number of inbound links than plain text, and generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Engagement quadruples when there is a moving picture.  Now that’s powerful marketing!

Tip #2  Add a Call To Action

Add a call to action (CTA) link in your copy.  Guide people to a place where they can donate or get involved.  Make the process as easy as possible, eliminating any extra steps toward the action you want someone to take.  Imbed your text with CTA links that bring folks directly to the place on your website where they can donate or sign up to volunteer.

Tip #3  How often do I post?  

How often do you post?  The answer is always more than you think.  Many marketing professionals suggest posting every day, and at a minimum, 3 times a week on Facebook and Instagram, and 2-3 times a day on Twitter!  Fewer times on LinkedIn. New followers look to see how active your feed is before deciding to follow you. If you’re trying to build your donor base, frequent posts with lively and compelling content is key.  Whatever you decide, remember three simple words: “quality over quantity.” Be sure you are consistently posting content that is valuable to your followers. Following this advice means adding purely “promotional” posts on an occasional basis. So what content should you post? This leads us to Tip #4!

Tip #4  Variety is key

Variety is key when forming your social media strategy.  Create a mix of Informative, Newsworthy, Fun and Promotional posts.

Informative: Build content that informs people about the fundamental needs of your cause. Whether it’s statistics around human trafficking or children with disabilities, this is the opportunity to educate your donors with important facts and figures. Tell people why the population you are serving needs their support.

Newsworthy: Showcase the cool things happening in your organization that you want donors to know. How did last night’s fundraiser go? Did you raise enough funds to purchase the special piece of equipment your victims of paralysis need? How many children received a scholarship to attend the special needs camp this summer? Did the refuge house funded through the spring luncheon get built? This is your chance to highlight accomplishments and feature the population served by your cause.

Fun: Simply have fun once in a while. Show your staff doing something silly. Share a video of the summer camp kids gliding down the zip line. Post a TGIF crazy video. The goal is to be authentic and light-hearted. Your donors will appreciate the smiles and spontaneity.

Promotional: Don’t be shy, plug your cause. Create compelling video or a montage of pictures to convey your message. State your needs boldly and ask for donations.


Tip #5  Linkbacks are important

Link everything back to your website.  This is simply good marketing practice. Search engines reward linkbacks to your site by helping users find your organization more readily. Google has powerful analytics that will help you track inbound traffic and their originating source. Encourage user behavior by linking content back to your primary website where potential donors can learn more about your cause.  Make it easy to find the “donate here” or “get involved” buttons.  

You are making a difference in the world! Follow these tips to communicate your mission on social media and your stakeholders will look forward to seeing your posts. When that happens, you will have whole new avenues for delivering your message and fulfilling your mission.

Do you have a tip that you would like to share? How do you make sure you are delivering content that your stakeholders are excited to see each week? 

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