Text for Success

Text for Success

Why Text Blasts Can Enhance Your Fundraising Event

As an effective way to engage with guests at your next fundraiser, use text notifications as short, information-packed messages about key points of the event.  In today’s digital world, people use their phones for so many purposes (communications, banking, searching for a restaurant), that text blasts have become mainstream for getting people’s attention. Here are seven suggested text blasts to incorporate into your communication feed.  Guidelines: keep it brief, be creative and have fun!

Save the Date

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Get the excitement rolling with a quick “Save the Date” text letting donors know about your event. Include a link to your event registration page so donors can start buying tickets online.

Silent Auction Catalogue is Open for Bidding!

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Open your silent auction early and let guests start bidding on all the great items you procured. This will build excitement for your event as well as generate funds for your cause. Similar to opening up a mystery present, guests love discovering all the cool auction items they can potentially buy. 

Last-minute Logistics

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A quick text with any special instructions for parking, entrance location, or visual guidance to help guests find the venue is always appreciated.  Add a link with an online map and driving directions so guests don’t have to fumble for the address.

Text with Mobile Bidding Link (Generated at the registration table when guests check in.)

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This is an important link your guests receive upon check-in at the registration table. The link allows them to bid directly from their cell phones. The benefits of mobile bidding are many. No more hovering near the silent auction item hoping to place the last winning bid before bid sheets and clip boards are whisked away by event volunteers. Guests can place mobile bids while sitting at their table, kicking it up on the dance floor or socializing with friends.

Silent Auction Closing Soon!

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Bidding activity ramps up near the close of a silent auction, driving up bid amounts as guests rush to get their final bids in. Last-minute bidding is great for raising funds for your cause. So send a text telling your guests how much time is left before the bidding window closes. They can place their final bid for those game tickets or that exotic vacation destination everyone wants.

You Won!

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Here’s the text every guest loves to get – “You won!” Include any special instructions for pick up and the checkout location.

Thank You for Your Donation

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Tell your donors how much you appreciate their generosity and support. A text blast a few days after the event lets them know the fundraiser was a success. You can even showcase a special fund-a-need your foundation is able to buy because of the dollars raised. Tell your donors how much you love them!

Next Steps

Whether you’re hosting a two-steppin’ country western shindig or the most formal of black tie events, these basic texts can be adapted to suit your fundraising event, even reinforce its special theme. BidRocket’s fundraising software has the text messaging feature you need to send informative, timely text blasts to your guests. For more information, email sales@bidrocket.com to schedule a demo today.

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