Impress Your Event Guests with a Personal Greeting at the Door

Impress Your Event Guests with a Personal Greeting at the Door

First impressions are always important, but first impressions at a fundraising event are critical. With a little planning, you can make sure your guests’ first impression is a great one. 

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Opportunity knocks! Show your guests how much you appreciate them with a personal touch and greet them at the door upon arrival at your event  This creates a memorable detail that your donors won’t forget. 

One option is having board members or a significant sponsor greet guests at the door with a warm smile and handshake that says you care. A sincere handshake says “thank you” in a way that words can’t express. It sets a welcoming tone that leaves a lasting impression.  Guests will feel more connected to the hardworking volunteers who share a passion for your cause. They will see the faces and hear the voices of those working behind the scenes to make an event go smoothly. 

Another option is to have guests greeted by someone who has directly benefitted from their donations. If you have an after-school program teaching kids karate, have a few of them at the door in their white karate uniforms. If this is not possible with your particular cause, you could feature the person who delivers the service to the recipient. For example, if you fund heart research, you could have a heart doctor and nurse in scrubs at the door to start out your guests evening. Get creative! The more you can remind guests why the event is being held, the better. 

An initial greeting — whether from a stakeholder or a beneficiary — makes an impact that can’t be measured on spreadsheets and analytical reports, and it may be just the touch that motivates giving to a new level. So when you host your next luncheon, golf outing, gala or chili cookout, station a friendly face at the entrance and let the magic begin. 

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