Where’s My Table?

Where’s My Table?

Guest Seating and Table Management Made Easy

As the event starts and the guests arrive, you know you will hear the question, “Where’s my table?” Though the table and seating plans may look neat and orderly to your guests, you know it wasn’t always that way. In fact, you probably have a wall of sticky notes for organizing your table layout – yes? 

Long, formal dinner table

At BidRocket, we know this part of event planning can be especially challenging and time consuming. That’s why we suggest just saying “No” to sticky notes! There is a way to digitize your wall. New fundraising software features simplify this complicated task of table and seating management. You can work straight from your online guest list and simply drag and drop to create tables, move guests or redesign your table layout.

While it can’t help you decide who will sit together at the same table (sorry!), it can make the process of moving around those virtual sticky notes a whole lot easier. With the help of technology, perhaps the seating for your next event will be your best yet. And when texts for those inevitable last minute seating changes arrive, you won’t even blink. 

If you’re looking for a seating and table management tool that’s easy and intuitive to use, try BidRocket’s fundraising software. Contact jeff@bidrocket.com for a free demo. BidRocket’s Table and Seating Management

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