Don’t Test The Water, Jump Right In

Don’t Test The Water, Jump Right In

New technology can feel daunting.  Truthfully, we’ve probably all felt a bit timid when adopting a new software tool. While it might feel safer to dip your toes into the shallow end of the technology pool and just adopt bits and pieces of a software package to get more comfortable, it is in fact better to dive right into the deep end and discover how much technology can do for you and your program. 

Software is built to be used comprehensively; all the features work interdependently to streamline a task. Using bits and pieces will give you and your donors a patchwork and awkward experience, so don’t be afraid! Life favors the bold, and as scary as it may seem, embracing a dive-right-in mentality may be just what your nonprofit needs to set itself apart. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Don’t fall behind.
    Pirates of the Caribbean taught us well: those who fall behind are left behind. If you spend a couple months (maybe even a couple years!) trying to decide whether or not to use a new technology, your business may slip behind ones that embraced the “dive right in” mentality.
  2. Get ahead.
    New technology continues to help businesses increase efficiency, consider more data, optimize strategies, and generate more revenue. Embracing new technology will help you gain an edge on your competition.
  3. Out with the old, in with the new.
    Consumers are eager to respond to businesses that are well-organized and in sync with today’s trends. Getting on board with new technology is key to keeping your nonprofit up to date with the modern day.
  4. Optimize.
    New technology helps businesses collect and consider more data, fueling better decision-making, more effective strategies, and bigger results.

Ready to get bigger results? Make a move towards the “fundraising software” water today. Schedule a demo with BidRocket today. And when you are ready, our support team will be beside you as you jump right in!

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